Wednesday, December 17, 2008 is the Best!

After I created the relatively healthy but still tasty Canola-meal Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe, I wanted to find out how it compared to other cookies -- ideally by creating a nutrition label for it like those found on packaged foods in the United States. I started doing this calculation myself by reading labels and assembling all the information in my own spreadsheet. This was very tedious. In looking around the web for nutrition information about vanilla extract, I stumbled on and discovered that I could put my own recipe into it and have it calculate the nutritional results for me. Wonderful!

Having found this source, I looked diligently for others and found and a few others. But these others were not nearly as good as
was by far the best, most thorough, and most accurate. Plus it allowed me to enter my own ingredients, assemble recipes, display the nutritional results of the recipes, and save it all for others to use.

Try it out for yourself! Enjoy!

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