Saturday, May 30, 2015

Slow food and why I like Zanotto’s

Having a good neighborhood grocery store has changed my shopping habits. Rather than bulk buying mass-produced factory foods, I visit this local market once a day now to purchase fresh, local food and then cook it.

Zanotto’s meat department is particularly good. I can get the amount I need in a minimum amount of packaging – no styrofoam.  It has a decent produce department as well with a good mix of conventional and organic. Zanotto’s has introduced me to a variety of foods not found at Safeway – many from smaller local companies and growers.

Cheapest is not always best. Zanotto’s prices may be higher than Safeway’s overall, but it also has some high quality products not found at Safeway.

I’m getting to know the staff and often bump into neighbors. It is a more friendly, personal and community building experience than shopping at Safeway. They have great parking for clean air vehicles.

Food is life. It is good to take time to savor both. My family is now enjoying a broader variety of locally produced foods and I’m getting to know more of my neighbors.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Honey as an alternative to Polysporin and triple antibiotic cream

Honey seems to be a reasonably good alternative to prevent infections in wounds if you are allergic to antibiotic ointments like Polysporin / triple antibiotic creams (containing neomycinpolymyxinbacitracin), none is handy, or you prefer not to use antibiotics.

The best articles I've found on this subject are: