Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Zero Waste Resource List

I'm maintaining a resource list of good books, websites, and blogs on my website at http://www.timoey.com/articles/zero-waste.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Current Progress: Trash to Curb Once Every 3 Months

While I have not posted in a while, we have made excellent progress overall and it really has not been all that difficult to achieve either -- mainly forming new habits.

Currently we take our black 35 gallon trash toter to the curb once every three months. In 2015 it was usually once every two weeks. Our current goal is once per year.

Our green yard waste container goes out about once every two months (same as in 2015).

We take our green/blue recycling split cart toter (mixed paper on one side, glass/metal/plastic containers on the other) to the curb about once every two months -- used to be every two weeks like the trash toter but we have reduced our recycling as well as our trash stream since we are very focused on Reduce and Reuse.