Friday, August 15, 2008

Reuse Boxes (instead of recycling)

Here is a quick and inexpensive moving and reuse tip: if you cannot find free moving boxes on your local freecycling list (like those listed at, look for local businesses that will sell you sturdy boxes and buy them back from you when you are done. The buy back price may not be much but it is something and it puts the boxes in a place where they will be used again. A good moving box can be reused dozens of times. Plus, standard sized moving boxes will hold your stuff better, are easier to move, and stack compactly in a truck whether you do it yourself or hire someone else.

The locally owned and run JDM Packing Supplies store (408-739-2500) at 1328 South Mary, Sunnyvale, CA 94087 is one such business (

JDM is also a great place to recycle styrofoam packing peanuts (you can drop them off in a box or a plastic bag). Finally, it is very well stocked with everything you are ever likely to need when boxing and/or shipping something. And they’ll ship it for you too via UPS or FedEx if you wish.


The Move Doctor said...

Moving boxes should be used again and again, but instead they are at best recycled and turned back into boxes, go figure!! In the UK thier is a company called that you can purchase eco moving packs use the boxes for you move and then return them free of charge, they then recycle them back into the eco moving packs or into packaging materials.

GrowWiser said...

You can also buy and sell used boxes on BoxCycle - the new marketplace for used boxes.

Jason hyes said...

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