Monday, February 11, 2008

Toyota Prius -- an incredible car

The Toyota Prius is the best car I've yet purchased and owned. Here is why:
- excellent gas mileage (I'm getting about 50 mpg now, my previous car got just 21 mpg)
- it's a family sedan that holds 5 adults (pretty much the same size inside as the Toyota Camry)
- hatchback design allows it to hold lots of stuff too
- excellent product design all around (ergonomics, features, etc)
- networks seamlessly with my cell phone for hands free calling with excellent voice quality both ways
- direct power and audio inputs for iPods and other music devices
- well designed navigation system
- soft touch controls for most operations on center console
- most frequently used controls are right on the steering wheel under your thumbs so your hands rarely need to leave the steering wheel -- including phone controls, climate controls, radio controls, and more -- and they are clear and easy to use too
- lots (!) of places to stash stuff
- sturdy well designed cup holders
- comfortable seats with lots of leg room for rear seat passengers
- it just works correctly and is very reliable.

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